Hickory Smoked History

An Original Okie BBQ Shack

In 1992, Bret Chandler started the first Rib Crib in Tulsa, Okla., with nothing but a smoker, a shack and a recipe for mouthwatering barbecue. The shack was a retro-fitted old house, and the menu only offered five meat options and two side options. As it turns out, the small menu and humble location, plus Rib Crib's signature hickory wood-smoked flavor was enough to keep the customers coming back. We grew over the next five years, expanding to six units while spreading a culture of quality barbecue.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Rib Crib Recipe

Our Slow-Smoked Franchising Concept

We've come a long way since our original shack in Tulsa. Rib Crib hits the barbecue franchising sweet spot with quality food, a recognizable brand and a culture of living and breathing barbecue. Our strategy combines personal service, speed and a custom-tailored menu to give you a barbecue restaurant that transcends service format labels.

We operate across seven states during lunch and dinner, seven days a week. We encourage rapid table turns with our cut-and-serve expo and our All-You-Can-Eat Ribs offer creates an additional blowout sales day midweek. We market effectively to carryout customers and catering makes up a significant portion of sales, increasing revenue tangibly.

We're well-positioned in the barbecue segment, where there is plenty of room for growth. We believe in our concept so whole-heartedly that we own and operate many of our own Rib Cribs, and continually invest in new ones—just like a franchisee.

Franchise Support

An Advocate For Your Franchising Journey

Our personal store support sets us apart from other restaurant franchises. We help our franchisees every step of the way, from site selection to training and everything in between. Our franchisees are part of the plan, and you will always get your say. We want you to succeed, and we'll be there to support your franchise, even after it opens.

Site Selection

We have a set of standards we follow for site selection. Location is important for Rib Crib franchises, and we will work with you to find a spot that sets you up for success. We also will assist you in the lease negotiations, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Store Development

We have an interior design plan and package that will be tailored to your buildout. This package includes the layout, schedule, equipment, furniture, decorations and everything else you'll need to finish the interior of the restaurant.


We work with national food producing companies, including Tyson and National Beef. We will give you a supply chain road map to help you decide who to buy from and when. We'll make sure you are informed about how much you should expect supplies to cost.


You will receive eight weeks of manager training in Tulsa, where you'll be advised on everything from hiring, to recipes and food preparation. We’ll also help you develop your managerial skills and create your first sales and marketing plans.


We will send a Rib Crib opening team of up to 10 people for two entire weeks to help you get your store off the ground. This team will consist of barbecue veterans and pit masters who will help with everything from setting up the interior to training employees.


Like FAQ, But Tastier

How is Rib Crib better?
We're privately owned, and our management is full of people who are passionate about great barbecue. We make the best food possible. We've won hundreds of awards for our barbecue, as well as numerous awards just for being a great restaurant. We opt for quality, where others don't. Plus, we file a detailed earnings claim – something most franchise restaurants won’t do.
What makes you different?
Rib Crib is a special kind of barbecue franchise. We have established ourselves as a leader among barbecue restaurants and maintain high standards for quality. We smoke our barbecue in-house and use our own spices, rubs, sauces and recipes, creating a product that’s unique to us. We’re truly passionate about good barbecue.
What's the atmosphere like at Rib Crib?
We live a barbecue lifestyle, so it's really all about the food. We maintain this attitude in the restaurants through barbecue-inspired interior design. We also think it’s important to train employees to be friendly and fun.
How do Rib Crib franchises succeed?
We love our brand, and we invest in it. We deliver great food and give the best service every time. Our concept includes two strong day parts (lunch and dinner), All-You-Can-Eat-Ribs Tuesdays, carryout and catering. Having a variety of revenue streams helps keep your restaurant profitable, and high-quality food keeps your customers coming back.
How much does it cost?
It can cost anywhere from $373,000 to $835,000 to start one of our franchises, including buildout, purchasing, initial payroll and fees.
Do you have a franchise fee?
Yes. That franchise fee is $30,000.
How long is the term of my agreement?
We offer 15-year terms, with three additional 10-year terms available.
Do you have a renewal fee?
Yes. It is up to $10,000, plus training expenses.
How do you handle advertising?
Our advertising and promotion fee may assess 1 percent to 3 percent of gross sales per week. Additionally, an expenditure of 1 percent of the aggregate gross sales per year will be allocated for local advertising.
How does Rib Crib finance franchises?
We are happy to recommend lenders we trust, but we do not offer direct financing.
How do I get started?
Just fill out this form:
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